February 11, 2007: The Modern Matchmaker Quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review Article on Love Songs Susan Dunhoff, owner of The Modern Matchmaker, was recently quoted in an article titled “Nothing Strengthens a Couple’s Relationship Like a Good Love Song” by William Loeffler in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. As a relationship expert, Susan was quoted as saying, “Songs can have power,” says Professional Matchmaker Susan Dunhoff, who runs The Modern Matchmaker in Squirrel Hill. “Some people say that their song almost describes the relationship. It almost illustrates it.”

“I really think that a special song is kind of like a love secret. The more love secrets a couple has, the stronger the relationship. It’s almost like a personal thing that they picked out, like their wedding bands. It’s another thing that binds them together. It’s just unique to them.”

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