February 3, 2008: Love in Deed Susan Dunhoff, The Modern Matchmaker, was interviewed for an article by William Loefller in the Tribune Review on nonverbal demonstrations of love instead of talking a relationship to death. Here is what Susan had to say, “Telling a guy “we need to talk” is like suggesting they rent “Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.”

“It turns a man off,” she says. “Not all men, but most men. You almost have to learn other nonverbal ways of expressing yourself as a rule.”

Her suggestions? “Hugs are one way,” she says. “A surprise kiss if someone is very busy and stressed and working in a home office and you give them a surprise kiss. Sending an ‘I love you’ card. Bringing home his favorite dessert. Or maybe him bringing home one perfect red rose.”

Read the entire article.

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