Susan Dunhoff

Susan Dunhoff

Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Expert Susan Dunhoff started The Modern Matchmaker, Inc. in 1991. She met her husband-to-be through her matchmaking firm and married him in March 1994. Susan has a BA in Journalism and MA in Communications from Duquesne University and previously owned a successful marketing communications firm.

Susan loves what she does and finds her career to be very personally rewarding. She said, “We change people’s lives”. Susan works with professionals who are selective, value their confidentiality and want a committed relationship. All of her clients can get a date – but come to The Modern Matchmaker to meet the right date.

   Alexis Buchanan

Alexis Buchanan is the Client Liaison for The Modern Matchmaker. She has a BA in Communications from Chatham University and absolutely loves her job. Alexis is elated when a couple that she helped match declares an exclusive relationship. She genuinely cares about every client and knowing that she plays a key role in their happiness is an extraordinary feeling!

A fun fact about Alexis is that she is a huge football fan! She is currently in three different fantasy football leagues and loves football Sundays.

   Debbie Havrilla

Debbie is a Professional Scout for The Modern Matchmaker. She has 6 children and nine grandchildren. Debbie works full time for a prominent cardiology practice, but her true passion is helping others find their soul mate. She has been married for 37 years and genuinely enjoys being able to help others find someone to share their life with.

She is very talented regarding matchmaking and has successfully matched many happy couples. Debbie understands the needs of each one of her clients and makes their happiness her priority.

   Yvette Dirani

Yvette is a Professional Scout for The Modern Matchmaker. She is excited to join the team and help clients find their perfect match. Yvette has 2 amazing daughters and works full time in Downtown Pittsburgh.

She loves love and is passionate about the matchmaking process. Yvette is also involved in Pittsburgh Fashion Week and owns her own cookie business!