Susan Dunhoff

Susan Dunhoff

Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Expert Susan Dunhoff started The Modern Matchmaker, Inc. in 1991. She met her husband-to-be through her matchmaking firm and married him in March 1994. Susan has a BA in Journalism and MA in Communications from Duquesne University and previously owned a successful marketing communications firm. She gets on a client’s wavelength quickly and knows what they want in a perfect match.

Susan loves what she does and finds her career to be very personally rewarding. She said “We change people’s lives. Whatever is important to a client becomes important to me. Our clients are not looking for a surface relationship; they want one with depth – a real connection.” Susan and her team helps her clients find that initial “spark” for the right romantic connection – and keep it going.

She knows her clients well and only recommends compatible matches so they do not waste their time. Susan believes in quality introductions and is proud of her firm’s success. All of her clients can get a date – but have come to The Modern Matchmaker to meet the right date. They are selective, value their confidentiality and want a committed relationship. The Modern Matchmaker is the premier resource for dating in Pittsburgh.

   Amy Evanov

Professional Matchmaker Amy Evanov joined The Modern Matchmaker in August of 2017. Amy is a Duquesne University graduate with her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She has been working as a Speech Language Pathologist for 9 years in the Greater Pittsburgh area. She discovered her passion for matchmaking following successfully matching multiple friends and family over the past decade.

There is no greater feeling to her than helping someone find love. She has the ability to connect with people quickly, get on their wavelength, and genuinely learn what they look for in a significant other. She also says her intuition is one of her greatest tools. Amy represents The Modern Matchmaker scouting at events, doing consultations, and of course matchmaking! Fun fact: Amy met her husband at the age of 2 months!

   Natalie Shugars

ReNew You founder Natalie Shugars is an Image and Style Specialist for both men and women. One of Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest, she is renowned in the entertainment industry as a singer, three-time Maxim Magazine model, actress, spokesperson, and showbiz mogul. Her 20 years of experience has provided her with extensive knowledge on how to create your best image, and allowed her to learn every trick of the trade on giving a confident, poised performance that wins audiences over.

As a woman thriving in a man’s world, she has had the opportunity to see many relationships survive as well as come and go on both personal and professional business levels. Natalie has rare insight on how to put your best foot forward and appeal to the opposite sex. She helps you to reflect who you are on the inside and project that image to the world on the outside.

   Alexis Buchanan

Alexis Buchanan joined The Modern Matchmaker in 2018 as our Client Liason. Lexi graduated from Chatham University with her BA in Communications in 2015. Lexie absolutely loves the work she does with The Modern Matchmaker. There is no better feeling for her when a couple that she helped match enters into an exclusive relationship. She genuinely cares about each and every one of the clients and knowing that she plays a pivotal role in their happiness is an extraordinary feeling!

A fun fact about Lexie is that she is a huge football fan! She is currently in three different fantasy football leagues and she lives for football Sundays.